Our Pastor

Pastor Dr. Fergus Akwar

Pastor Fergus surrendered his life to Jesus Christ in 2001. In 2005 he joint, Christian Victory Chapel church, and serve faithfully as a deacon in various capacities for 7 years. In July of 2012, Pastor Fergus was called to teach and preach the word of God in a vision from God.  In vision the Lord handed him the Holy Bible, showed him the people to teach and preach, asked him to stop drumming, and asked him to clean up his book shelf.  He did not shear the vision with anyone else except his wife. The following year, the pastoral team at Christian Victory Chapel, recommended him for pastoral ministry without any knowledge of his vision.  Pastor Fergus accepted this recommendation as it was a clear confirmation of his call to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pastor was officially ordained in June 2013, by laying of hands by the presbytery.  After serving as Pastor in Christian Victory Chapel for about a year, the Lord separated him to begin a work in April 2014. Pastor Fergus and his family left Christian Victory Chapel in April 2014, and began praying for confirmation of the new work.  After a months of prayer, the Lord said to him “as you are pregnant with the vision, so is your wife pregnant”. His wife was NOT pregnant at the time even though they had been trying to conceive for over a year without success. However Pastor knew that his wife will get pregnant, and that the birth date of the child will be same as the birth date of the ministry based on what God told him.  A few months later, his wife did finally get pregnant with a due date of April 2015.  Therefore in April 2015, Sharing Christ Ministries church was born, along with the new baby, Faith.  Starting with his immediate family, the church is growing steadily in power and members by the Grace of God. Pastor preaches and teaches with power from the Holy Spirit according to Acts 1:8.